SB 725


SB725(1K) Is  a one-pack  self-primer topcoat coating base on special  acrylic resin with zin-phosphat,nature pigment powder .Though and hard film with very good adhension ,abrasion resistence.It maybe anti-corrosive ,alkaly,acid resistance.


Used for galvanized steel, aluminum, alum-alloy metal and stainless.

Technical data:

  • Color:Color list.
  • Density(kg/l):0.95-1.1 kg/l.
  • Viscocity at 25oC 60-70
  • Non-volatile content:Above 55%↑.
  • Covergare :10m2/l.
  • Wet film thickness 35-50 µ.
  • Dry time (at 25oC):Touch dry 15min ,dry hard 3 hrs full dry 3.
  • Thinner:5-10%.

Application method:

Roller or brush airless spray

Thinner use:

SUNBOW SB05-1 or Xylen ,toluene ....


  • Mix base stir thoroughly.
  • Adhered moisture,grease,diry ,rustand corrosive salts on subtrate must be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Avoid applying the paint in rainy weather or humidty above 85%RH,particurlarly,a west surface must be thoroughly dried.
  • All equiqments must be cleaned immediately after used.
  • Start applies after the surface of concrete wall or concrete products dry thoroughly .
  • When overcoating interval is exceeded,paint surface must roughened to insure adhension.
  • Environment construction must be airy,keep away frie.When rolling pait must to wear safety glass,instruments of labor protection.


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