Choose a paint color in the direction

The general rule when selecting   chose the paint colors: "If there is a light guide, hot then cold choosing paint colors to neutralize the heat, creating balanced by gentle, comfortable" - and vice versa.

In a lot of selection factors for house paint colors such as hobbies, psychology, feng shui, the choice in the direction of the home is a very important factor.

However, many people do not have knowledge of feng shui, home to c direction chosen for his family is the most suitable color, and not everyone is eligible to ask the advice of a feng shui master. Do not worry, please refer to the article below our can choose for themselves the beautiful paint colors towards the nostalgic feel to the weather and feng shui.

The general rule when choosing the paint colors towards the harmony. If the house is geared more towards light, hot air, you should opt for neutral color with heat, creating comfort for the user, and vice versa, the house has many cold wind direction should be used warm paint colors compensate.

How the choice of color for the house based on the very simple instructions as follows:


This was the coldest direction, especially in the north in winter often cold wind blowing in this direction. Therefore, the color should be chosen as the hot color detained for warmer feeling. Some of the color matching the direction this is pink, orange, and should choose light colors to avoid disturbing, eye pain make sense if we look long.


Contrary to the northeast, northwest with sun screening lot to specially in the afternoon of the day, so this is the direction the hottest summer. To neutralize this, create a cool feeling when used, should be the choice of paint color gamut cold and so are the pale colors. Some beautiful color that still fit the criteria above is blue, pale green. These colors in addition to reducing heat also feels immersed in nature, very pleasant.

The East or West

East and West main directions are also the main pavilion to get a lot of sunlight. in the morning, the sun will shine directly on the east and to the west direction will slide straight. That makes your house always filled with light the same time also feeling very hot, especially in summer times   fierce sun.

Choose your house color gamut cold to rebalance and reduce the feeling muggy in the summer on hot days. Choose shades of green color shine 'include green, lapis xan ... create a quiet space, most gentle, close to being in the jungle or in the sky, you will be very pleasant while living in this space.

South or North

This is the direction of no direct sunlight shines on it was quite pleasant. However, the drawback of this guide is to set brightness, making the lifeless house superior. Therefore, you should choose matching colors are bright, warm, and bright as orange, pink, red, yellow color .. These are capable of doing the house are bright and have more vitality, gives a fresh feeling, just like the sun that the members of your family also excited and cheerful up there permanently.

Southeast and Southwest

Southeast and Southwest can say is that the direction of the wind that comes from the sun the sun the most stable, the advantages of this direction is the year-round weather does not change too much, the climate is ideal. Therefore, this is the likely direction suitable for all kinds of colors. You can choose according to preference   own or conformity with other feng shui elements. Some colors are more prominent users include: light yellow, light pink, light blue ...

Hope the above knowledge can help you determine the color coating line with the direction of his family. Also, if you can change the direction of his house without affecting other factors, we encourage you to choose which is oriented to the south by housing the most ideal climates, have more light in winter, there is less energy in the summer, and often a cool breeze blowing.

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